Welcome to Saario Academy

We are Combatives and Self-Defence Specialists

The Academy

Born from the love of martial arts

Our mission is simple; to educate people. Saario Academy is an internationally recognised organisation, that installs personal security and self-protection skills as a method of counter-violence.

Founded by Jyrki Saario, Saario Academy is a community of like-minded people from around the world who share the same core beliefs and values.

Our instructors provide the most practical and effective training based on real life experience – to martial arts instructors and people of all skill sets and experience. We do not teach criminals.

What We Teach

We like to train self-defence


Defendo can be seen as Jyrki Saario’s lifetime’s work to create the best self-defence training in the world for civilians and uniformed services.

Classic Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a military fighting system developed for the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF). It is known for its focus on real-life situations and its extreme efficiency.


The Iron-Man Grappling system has been built since 2004 and is being developed in order to organize and create a clear knowledge transfer in the field of grappling.


The original school of Iron-Man Kickboxing was established in 1989 in Angered, Gothenburg by Jyrki Saario and Jonny Andreasson. Kickboxing is one of the fastest-growing martial arts.

Safe Kid

Safe Kid gives children fun and a great way to release energy. Safe Kid training includes self-defence training, physical activity and mental development that the child will look forward to whenever it’s time to go to the training.

Home Class

Saario Academy Home Class is an unofficial training facility where students can practice any one of our styles in the comfort of their own home.