Home Class

About Home Class

Teach self-defence from home

What is Home Class? Home Class is an opportunity for people who want to train, but do not have access to regular training conducted by a certified instructor. Home Class usually is a group of enthusiasts – a kind of unofficial training section – who meet to practice. Training are provided by a local, dedicated practitioner, who has access to our official training programs. Although Home Class participants do not have a certified instructor to lead them, they can take part in our camps and seminars, identify with us, use our logo, and improve according to our official training programs.

How do I set up a Home Class? To set up a Home Class, you must first send an application email to info@saarioacademy.com and we will provide you with the registration details and conditions for accessing the basic self-defence and hand-to-hand combat training materials. Information about each Home Class will be posted on our official website so that interested people in the area can also join the training.

Home Class Requirements

Share our values and abide by our rules and regulations

You must have a good relationship with Saario Academy.

You must NOT have a criminal record.

Commit to a long-term relationship with Saario Academy.

Accept and sign our Terms and Conditions.

If you want to start your lifetime adventure with us as part of the Home Class, join Saario Academy today!