Csaba Végh


Born: 1964

Country: Hungary



Defendo Rank:

Black Belt 1st degree

Defendo Instructor Level:

Level 4 - RED

Krav Maga Rank:

Black Belt 1st Degree

Krav Maga Instructor Level:

Level 3 - National Instructor

More information

I have been training regularly since I was six. I’ve tried numerous sports, martial arts, martial arts and self defense systems. The motivation was not only influenced by my passion to sport, but also by the nature of my work. I spent twenty years in law enforcement services. In the first year, I served as a public patrol officer, then I served as a detective and for the last nine years as chief investigator. For ten years I worked in the field of counterterrorism as a trainer and then as a commander of a seizure group and later as the deputy commander of the unit. I have been the Commander of the Armed Security Guard of MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. for the last 15 years. I trained security guards, armed security guards, police and anti-terrorists, and students who wanted to know the systems I was teaching.In 1995, I got a qualification in shooting (pistol, submachine gun, shotgun).In 2000 I graduated from the FBI Academy with a degree in Street Fighting.In 2001, a special police unit in Germany passed a successful examination before dan’s collegeI reached level 2 dan.In 2006 I obtained Krav Maga instructor qualification from IKMF.Since 2008 I have been studying and teaching Defendo from Jyrki Saario, recently I’m 1st degree black belt under him.In 2010 I completed the DEFENDO BLUE instructor course, which authorizes the training of law enforcement personnel.Since 2013 I am studying and teaching CLASSIC KRAV MAGA (1st degree black belt under Jyrki Saario). All in all, I believe that anyone who wants to learn a simple but effective system of self-defense to protect themselves, their relatives, or someone in need when needed, is in the best position at Saario Academy!

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