Janne Maunonen


Born: 1979

Country: Finland


Finnish, English, Portuguese, Swedish

Defendo Rank:

Black Belt 2nd degree

Defendo Instructor Level:

Level 4 - RED

More information

Janne has been training martial arts since 1991.
Starting with taekwondo he was graduated to black belt in taekwondo in 2000. Janne is also a black belt in Brazilian jiujitsu.

Janne started Defendo in 2010 and was graduated black belt by Jyrki Saario in 2014. Janne is also a Defendo Blue instructor.

Janne has been giving seminars around the world. He was the first one to take Jyrki Saario Defendo to north and south America (USA and Brazil) and has been giving seminars many times in many places in the Americas and in Europe.

Janne is head instructor of Defendo JKL in Jyväskylä, Finland and pointed as a leading instructor of Jyrki Saario Defendo in USA.

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