Lari Kaurala


Born: 1977

Country: Finland


Finnish, Swedish, English, German

Defendo Rank:

Black Belt 4th degree

Defendo Instructor Level:

Level 4 - RED

More information

Lari Kaurala started training Martial Arts in 1995 and teaching in them in 2004. Defendo he has been training and teaching since 2007.
He is the Head Instructor of Defendo Kotka and has been president of the Finnish Defendo Union since 2010.

Lari was among the instructors who passed the first ever Defendo Red course held in 2011 and graduated for Black Belt in Defendo.

Lari has been working in the Security industry since 1997 full and part-time and since 2002 he has been working full time as a Military Police in the army. There he has been Use of Force instructor for over ten years.
He has also worked as a Security Consultant since 2006 in the private sector mainly focusing in teaching solutions for threat and violent customers confontration situations.

Lari has been teaching and promoting Defendo in over hundred different events during years and held several seminars in different clubs in Finland and has instructed in over 20 Defendo courses in his club and weekly his advanced students.

With Jyrki he has been working since 2006.

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