Petteri Kantola


Born: 1972

Country: Finland


English, Swedish, Finnish: working proficiency. Coping with French, Spanish, Italian. Elementary knowledge in Russian and other Slavonic languages

Defendo Rank:

Black Belt 4th degree

Defendo Instructor Level:

Level 4 - RED

More information

Member of Defendo International instructors Team (I.D.D.I)
Head Instructor of Defendo Green, the Military branch of Defendo
Instructor in Defendo Blue – the Security and Law Enforcement branch
Instructor in Defendo White – the Health care, educational branch, Rescue and paramedics’ branch
Have been Training with Jyrki Saario Since 1997
Martial Arts, Self Defence and Combat Sports from year 1984
Instructor from year 1998
Retired from the Military After 26 years of Service
Former Military Aviator, Military Police, Member of Military Police special Response Team, Close Protection Officer (bodyguarding), firearms Instructor, Precision Marksman (Sniper), Combat tracker, use of Force Instructor, hand to hand Combat Instructor, Force Protection commander of Finnish Expeditionary Fighter Squadron
Physical / fitness Instructor, weightlifting Instructor, Military Kettlebells Champion in Long cycle 2x16kg (2014), CrossFit competitor and Events winner
Qualified private security instructor, qualified private security firearms instructor.
Survival / outdoors / hunting / bowhunting / fishing

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