Polgár Antal


Born: 1980

Country: Hungary



Defendo Rank:

Black Belt 1st degree

Defendo Instructor Level:

Level 4 - RED

Krav Maga Instructor Level:

Level 1 - Group Leader

Kickboxing Instructor Level:

Level 1 Instructor

More information

Ever since I know it, I’ve been doing sports with little or no skipping. As a kid I wrestled competitively, then tried it out on a team and started playing handball. Around 2010 I met László Tóth, the director of Hungarian Defendo Institute and the first pioneer of Krav Maga in Hungary. That’s where I started my self-defense studies. Because of my perseverance and my constant desire for knowledge, he noticed me and set off on the teaching profession.
February 2012 Krav Myself Assistant Lecturer Poland
September 2012 Safe Kid Instructor (Child Self Defense)
October 2012 Defendo HT Instructor
June 2013 Spartan Fighter Instructor
October 2014 Defendo Combat Tech Instructor
September 2015 S.T.A.R Instructor
February 2018 Use Of Force Instructor

– I’m not gonna lie to you. I destroy all the misconceptions you’ve seen in the movies. I’m not going to teach a spin kick by Chuck Norris, even though it looks good, but it doesn’t work in reality. I’ll leave that to others.
“I’m not saying that hitting or stabbing doesn’t hurt, but I’ll teach you how to deal with pain and stress.”
– I do not believe that you will throw hundreds of pounds of people over your head without being fit. Strength and endurance are also important in self-defense! I incorporated Spartan Training elements into my workouts to improve ‘students’ physical and mental abilities.
I have one goal: to get home EVERY DAY safe … at all costs.

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