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What makes Saario Academy courses so ?

1. Professional instructors

All our instructors have a strong martial arts background with several years of experience. We select our instructors very carefully to provide the best training programs and events in the world


2. Trainings around the world

Saario Academy is an international community with instructors and team members in more than 15 countries and we’ve been teaching worldwide since 1983.

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3. Learn in your own language

All our instructors have a strong martial arts background with several years of experience. We select our instructors very carefully to provide the best training programs and events in the world

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4. Good vibes - Join a family

When you join Saario Academy, you’ll feel an amazing sense of belonging to an exceptional community. Our participators also claim that they’ve never before taken part on such courses, where theory, practice and real life experience were so compact.

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We believe that we have the best self-defense training programs in the world...

...and our students agree

  • I found a breath of freshness, knowledge, intelligent people with passion and motivation for further development in the broadly understood self-defence area at the Saario Academy.

    Jakub BorkowskiJakub Borkowski
  • If you want to learn a reality based self-defense or you are interested of fighting sports, you are in the right place.

    The founder of the Academy, master Jyrki Saario is a teacher, who has one of the richest experience, theoretical and practical knowledge of our times! I claim this with the responsibility of my 40 years experience in martial arts and fighting sports.

    Horváth JánosHorváth János
  • Saario Academy is where I found my second family, my warrior family. Very profesional, very pedagogical way of teaching and great knowledge of self defence and combatives.

    Mikael PedinMikael Pedin
  • Saario Academy is on the sharp edge of self-defense education for professionals and civilians. Not only because of Jyrki but because of the community.

    Ilari SaukkonenIlari Saukkonen
  • I have practiced martial arts since 1984, it’s been shotokan karate, wingtsun, ashiara. 1989 I started kickboxing with Ironman club and I have been practicing that since. I like the good feeling and great fellowship that we have at Saario Academy. In 2011 I went to a Defendo seminar in Gothenburg and got stuck to that also because I feel that it’s a very effective type of self defense. I’m now a father of four and grandpa and still active.

    When I attend a seminar I know I’ll get realistic self defense training, where I can choose the level of force that’s required for the situation that is at hand. for example I don’t necessarily need to hurt the person in front of me to get out of a threatening situation.
    The seminars held by Jyrki Saario is instructive, he shows techniques on a very educational way. I really can recommend Saario Academy Defendo to anyone that’s seeking for an effective self defense training that really will work when needed and Jyrki who brings out the best of you who wants to learn to defend yourself.
    If I were to tell you about Defendo I would point at the fact that it’s a effective system that is based on our natural reflexes, simple and effective.
    I have known Jyrki and practiced with him for over 30 years.
    I am Kickboxing 4th Degree Black Belt and Defendo 1st Degree Black Belt.

    Rainer HeinonenRainer Heinonen
  • Great people - Humble Instructors - No Ego. One big family. If you looking for great training and self defense I strongly recommend a seminar with Jyrki Saario.

    Jan BjelkeJan Bjelke
  • I learned Krav Maga and Defendo from master Jyrki Saario, I have known mr Saario since 1983 and begin training with him since 1999. I will strongly recommend his seminars and courses.

    If someone or my friends ask me where they can learn good selfdefence I will tell them go to a Defendo or Krav Maga seminar with master Jyrki Saario where they will learn the best selfdefence. Master Saario is the best teacher and instructor I've ever had.

    Ingemar JönssonIngemar Jönsson
  • Jyrki Saario is more then a unique fighting artist and mentor. He is a fair and loyal business partner and first of all a very good friend. This is exactly what Saario Academy is about.

    Istvan NagyIstvan Nagy

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