Safe Kid

Unique training for kids and teens

Safe Kid gives children fun and a great way to release energy

Safe Kid trainings include self-defense training, physical activity and mental development that the child will look forward to whenever it’s time to go to the training.

The values our small students learn on Safe Kid training will last their entire life!

Safe Kid Jump

Reasons to bring your child to Safe Kid training

Self-defense Skills

The ability to defend yourself is one of the most important skills a person could have. It is no different with children. If the child ends up getting attacked, the child will have all the tools needed to properly defend himself/herself.


Your child becomes more confident and self-assured as the training progresses. He/she learns to overcome fear and to perform drills that once seemed to completely foreign and impossible.

Safe Kid Shield Focus Pads


This lesson comes naturally when a child starts training martial arts. Safe Kid training is a long-therm investment. It is about constantly making small steps. Every bit of progress the child makes during training reinforces the importance of staying disciplined.

That self-discipline will eventually carry over into different aspects of the child’s life like school work and the upkeep of the child's personal spaces.

Social skills

Safe Kid training give the child an opportunity to interact with older and younger kids...and is an excellent opportunity to make more friends.

Safe Kid Wolfes Pack Together

Problem-solving skills

The problem-solving skills your kid learn in martial arts class will help the child perform better in school.The ability to recognise what is going on around and apply the most effective technique to deal with that particular situation.


Safe Kid is all about respecting the people around you. The child will be required to be quiet in class when the instructor breaks down techniques.

A child that trains martial arts is a child that isn’t likely to be causing disruptions in school.

Safe Kid Obstacles

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Let's work together to keep our kids safe and provide them to best tools to develop into amazing youngsters!

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