The Academy

About Us

Founded by Jyrki Saario

As a founder of Saario Academy I have dedicated my life to learning and teaching self-defence, fighting skills and combat systems to civilians as well as professionals. I have more than 45 years experience of the world’s most powerful self-defence, fighting and hand-to-hand combat systems.

Under my leadership, a number of world leading instructors have been involved in the development work of Saario Academy. The starting point has been to create the world’s best self-defence, fighting skills and hand-to-hand combat educations.


The history of Jyrki Saario

My Mission

Bringing martial arts instructors and students together

Saario Academy brings my life-time work, MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTORS and STUDENTS together. My mission has always been to provide the most practical and effective training based on real world experience in the civilian world and uniformed services.

When I started educating martial arts instructors back in 1983, I had one objective – Develop the best program, systems and instructors in the world

To my delight, Saario Academy is now highly respected by the industry professionals as one of the leaders in self-defence and use-of-force training providers.