International Spring Camp

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This spring… we meet up with other martial arts enthusiasts from around Europe in Warsaw, Poland for a weekend packed full of workshops and fun.
Also on Friday we will celebrate the 10th anniversary our Fighter’s Fitness club in Warsaw -> party + concert of our club’s rock band!
Training subjects:
  • Defence against armed attackers
  • How to survive groundfight on the street
  • Defendo Blue – use of force training
The trainings will be conducted by:
Istvan Nagy – International Director of Saario Academy
László Tóth – International Director of Classic Krav Maga
Jouni Rovio – Defendo Red Director in Finland
Dr. Tomasz Maczuga – Defendo Blue Director in Poland
14 hours of trainings. An experience you won’t forget.
1st day (Friday): 16:00-19:30
2nd day (Saturday): 13:30-19:00
3rd day (Sunday): 11:00-16:00
Price for Saario Academy students and instructors: 100 EUR (you confirm your membership showing your Saario Academy, Defendo or Classic Krav Maga Log Book/Pass).
If you need any help please contact with Magdalena Jakubczak via Messenger or write us on:
István Nagy, László Tóth, Tomasz Maczuga, Jouni Rovio
Equipment Required

Clothes for training indoors, boxing gloves, suspensors, shinguards.

Starts: April 21, 2023
Ends: April 23, 2023
Poland, Warsaw