International Spring Camp

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This spring we meet up with other martial arts enthusiasts from around Europe in Warsaw, Poland for a weekend packed full of workshops with the Saario Academy Black Belt Instructors.
Unfortunately due to health reason master Jyrki Saario won’t come to carry out the Spring Camp.
The trainings will be conducted by:
  1. Istvan Nagy – International Instructor of Saario Academy, Chief of International Operations
    4th degree black belt Defendo
    4th degree black belt Classic Krav Maga
    Defence against armed attackers
    You will learn
    *how to recognize preparation, *preventive solutions,
    *how to use natural response of your body
  2. Dr. Tomasz Maczuga – International Instructor of Saario Academy, Defendo Blue Coordinator in Poland
    2nd degree black belt Defendo
    Subject: Defendo Blue – Use of Force
    You will learn:
    *basics of use of force methods based on Defendo Training program
  3. Jakub Borkowski – International Instructor of Saario Academy, IM Grappling Coordinator
    3rd degree black belt BJJ
    Defendo Instructor
    Street ground fighting!
    You will learn:
    * how to survive on the ground when an attacker wants to smash your skull,
    * how to turn the situation,
    * how to win by defending yourself and your loved ones!
14 hours of trainings. An experience you won’t forget.


  • 1st day (Friday): 17:00-21:00
  • 2nd day (Saturday): 11:00-16:00
  • 3rd day (Sunday): 11:00-16:00

Price for Saario Academy students and instructors: 100 EUR (you confirm your membership showing your Saario Academy, Defendo or Classic Krav Maga Log Book/Pass).

Fighter’s Fitness Club (Radiowa Str. 1A, Warsaw)
István Nagy, Tomasz Maczuga, Jakub Borkowski
Equipment Required

Clothes for training indoors, boxing gloves, suspensors, shinguards.

Starts: April 22, 2022
Ends: April 24, 2022
Poland, Warsaw